Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2016-11-18T09:15:25+00:00
Is tracking available?2018-12-17T14:08:02+00:00

Sorry, but tracking isn’t available. All products are shipped second class post to keep postage costs low.

How fast is shipping?2021-12-13T11:51:04+00:00

We ship all products second class post or economy airmail to keep your shipping costs as low as we can.

If you’re ordering in time for Christmas, we can’t guarantee delivery in time for Christmas Day but would recommend ordering a week before Christmas Eve for UK orders.

We are unable to ship physical orders between Christmas and New Year. Any orders for physical products placed on or after the last working day may be shipped early in the new year. Please refer to site notices for up-to-date information.

Is local pickup available?2017-05-03T11:10:02+01:00

Yes – select ‘Local Pickup’ as your shipping option at checkout and you won’t be charged for delivery. Your order will be available for collection from the King’s College Visitor Centre on King’s Parade.

How do I extract the music from the download file?2017-04-15T15:25:58+01:00

As the download packages can be quite large, you may need a third-party programme to decompress the download file. We recommend 7-Zip for Windows or Unarchiver for Mac.

What are the tech specs of the download options?2016-11-29T15:41:21+00:00

FLAC/ALAC (high-resolution)

All high-resolution files are 24 bit stereo and will be labelled as 44.1kHz, 96kHz, or 192kHz.

FLAC files have the greatest compatibility, though ALAC files are recommended for used with Apple products. Both file formats can be converted using free software if necessary.


Our mp3 files are encoded at VBR (320kbps equivalent) for near-CD quality in a small file size.

What’s the difference between CD and SACD?2016-11-29T18:46:56+00:00

Some of our recordings are released on SACD (“Super Audio CD”). These are compatible with all CD players but when used with an SACD player, allow high-resolution & surround-sound audio to be played.

What do I get when I download an album?2017-04-15T15:26:59+01:00

When you purchase an album download, you’ll receive all the individual tracks in the format you requested, the digital booklet, and the album cover as an image file. All our music is available to download at a higher resolution than CD quality, or alternatively at a smaller file size for slower internet connections.

Why should I buy from King’s?2016-11-29T15:15:39+00:00

By buying our recordings from us, you’re directly supporting the work of King’s College Choir – including its tours, concerts and future recording projects. Thank you!

We do our best to make our prices competitive, and highly recommend checking out our current deals.

What does delivery cost?2022-08-04T10:01:59+01:00

Most of our CDs and DVDs ship with the following delivery charges:

UK mainland: £3.49 Flat rate
Europe: £8.95 Flat rate
Rest of World: £16.95 Flat rate

Local pickup, which is free, is also available. If you select this option you will be able to collect your order from the King’s College Visitor Centre on King’s Parade.

Please note that our delivery charges do not include any import duties or local taxes that may be applied in your own country, and for which you may be liable.

I have a problem with my order. What should I do?2016-11-29T14:32:59+00:00

We’re sorry that there’s a problem. The best thing to do is to get in touch with us at [email protected]. We’ll be glad to help you.

What if I change my mind?2017-12-15T11:17:50+00:00

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, or you change your mind, you can return it to us in its original unopened condition and we will issue a full refund of the price that you paid for the item(s). Please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected], but at least within 30 days of your order.

We recommend using recorded delivery when returning your order. We’re unable to process a refund before we receive the returned products.

Unfortunately we’re unable to offer change-of-mind refunds for downloads, but if you have a problem with your download, please contact us and we’ll be able to help. It is, though, your responsibility to ensure that your internet connection is suitable for the download size, which we list with each product.


Do you deliver internationally?2016-11-29T14:32:05+00:00

We deliver worldwide and you’ll be able to select delivery address during the checkout process.

What are the different download formats?2016-11-29T15:15:13+00:00

All our downloadable albums are available in high-resolution and compressed formats. This allows you to make a choice based on the quality you prefer and the speed of your internet connection.

FLAC/ALAC (high resolution)

These high resolution formats – also known as studio master downloads – are the highest resolution formats we have. In all cases they are higher resolution than CD-quality audio. While FLAC files have the widest compatibility, ALAC downloads are recommended for users of Apple iTunes.

This option is best if you value listening to the highest quality sound, and to hear the recordings as the producer intended.

MP3 (compressed)

This type of file has been compressed by reducing the detail of certain parts of sound that are deemed beyond the hearing ability of most people. It reproduces near-CD quality with a much smaller file size.

If the download speed of your internet connection is a concern then this file may be best for you.

This file type is compatible with almost all music-playing devices.

Can I download directly to my mobile or tablet?2016-11-29T15:02:16+00:00

It is possible to download albums directly to a mobile device, but you’ll need a special app to extract the tracks from the download package. It’s recommended to download the files to a computer before synchronising them to a mobile device.

What’s a Blu-ray audio disc?2016-11-29T18:47:18+00:00

Blu-ray audio disc can be played in any surround-sound system with a blu-ray player. Our products that are released on Blu-ray use Dolby Atmos surround-sound technology. A SACD is also included which allows the recording to be played in a standard CD player or SACD surround-sound system.

Which recordings are in surround-sound?2016-11-29T18:46:25+00:00

To see our recordings available in surround-sound, select ‘surround-sound’ from the search filter on our Shop tab. Our surround-sound recordings are released on SACD or Blu-ray formats and all can also be played through a standard CD player in stereo.