1615 Gabrieli in Venice


His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts
The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge
Directed by Stephen Cleobury

Released 30 October 2015

CD/SACD hybrid & Blu-ray

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This recording pays homage to one of the most influential musicians of the Venetian Renaissance from within one of the great buildings of the English Renaissance.

Much of Giovanni Gabrieli’s music was composed for grand ceremonial occasions. 2015 marked not just the 400th anniversary of the publication of this collection of works from 1615, but also the 500th anniversary of the completion of King’s College Chapel. The Choir celebrates these anniversaries with the first classical album ever to use Dolby’s new Atmos technology to reproduce the acoustics of the Chapel with unprecedented realism.

As well as being principal organist at St Mark’s Basilica, Gabrieli was a prolific composer of sacred vocal and instrumental music. The early brass ensembles for which Gabrieli composed are no longer to be found performing in St Mark’s Basilica, but this tradition is alive and well in Cambridge: the Choir is joined by His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts playing faithful recreations of instruments from Gabrieli’s time.

This recording is released in a two-disc package containing both CD/SACD hybrid and Pure Audio Blu-ray formats.

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1 In ecclesiis (a 14), C78 07:45 Gabrieli, Giovanni
2 Canzona Seconda (a 6), C196 04:07 Gabrieli, Giovanni
3 Suscipe, clementissime Deus (a 12), C70 04:50 Gabrieli, Giovanni
4 Hodie completi sunt dies Pentecostes (a 8), C57 04:04 Gabrieli, Giovanni
5 Iubilate Deo omnis terra (a 10), C65 05:18 Gabrieli, Giovanni
6 Canzona Terza (a 6), C197 03:27 Gabrieli, Giovanni
7 Quem vidistis pastores? (a 14), C77 08:41 Gabrieli, Giovanni
8 Sonata XXI, ‘con tre violini’ (a 4), C214 04:27 Gabrieli, Giovanni
9 Exultavit cor meum in Domino (a 6), C53 04:34 Gabrieli, Giovanni
10 Surrexit Christus (a 11), C66 04:12 Gabrieli, Giovanni
11 Canzona Prima (a 5), C195 03:34 Gabrieli, Giovanni
12 Litaniæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis (a 8), C63 11:42 Gabrieli, Giovanni
13 Magnificat (a 14), C79 06:29 Gabrieli, Giovanni
Total playing time – 73:10


Tracks 1-3, 6 & 8-11 recorded at 192kHz 24-bit PCM, 11-13 January 2015. Tracks 4-5, 7 & 12-13 recorded at 96kHz 24-bit PCM, 22-23 June 2015. Dolby Atmos & 5.1 surround-sound. All tracks recorded in the Chapel of King’s College, Cambridge, by kind permission of the Provost and Fellows.

Organ 1 – Continuo organ by Henk Klop in Cherry wood, 2007. 8′ 4′ 2′ & Quint 2 ⅔’. Supplied by Keith McGowan.
Organ 2 – Continuo organ by Henk Klop in Oak, 2012. 8′ 4′ 2′ & Quint 2 ⅔’. Owned by King’s College, Cambridge.
Organs tuned by Dan Tidhar and Keith McGowan to A=440 in quarter comma meantone temperament.

Producer & Editor  Simon Kiln
Recording Engineer  Arne Akselberg
Mixing Engineer  Arne Akselberg
Technical Engineer  Richard Hale
CD Mastering Engineer  Simon Kiln
SACD Mastering Engineer  Andrew Walter